Public involvement is essential in designing new bridges and roads that meet the community's needs and desires. This communication effort will provide information to the public and offer a chance to comment on issues through public meetings, social media, and the project website.
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September 2020 Updates:


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During the initial phase of the project, two public meetings were held on each side of the river. Public input was solicited, which is summarized below.
  • A strong preference for constructing a new river crossing at or near the existing location.
  • The US 51 approach in Kentucky should be improved to minimize closures during flood events.
  • Constructing a replacement bridge at or near the existing location would minimize negative impacts and costs.
  • Bypassing Cairo would have substantial negative impacts on the town.
  • The bridge is an essential link between communities, providing access for commuters, hospitals, teachers, farmers, shopping and more. It is essential to maintain a connection between the states during construction.
  • The project should also address the nearby link to Missouri.
  • An improved connection nearer the interstate could help spur economic development.
  • The bridge and its location at the confluence of the rivers are important to the area’s history.
  • The new bridge should be wider and have fewer curves.
As the project moves forward, we will continue to seek input as alternatives within Combined Alternate 2 are refined and impacts are determined. This public input and comment is an important part of the process.
Project Status

The multifaceted public involvement program includes:

Citizen Advisory Group

This team, consisting of representatives of key stakeholders, civic and community groups from surrounding magistrates, reviews project work and ensures that regional needs are addressed.
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Public Meetings

As needed, the project team will present information to the public and offer the community an opportunity to provide feedback. Notification of public meetings will be posted to this website and distributed to the media and local resources.
The project website,, is an up-to-date source of project information. On this site you can access project resources, schedule information and other project-related items.

Mail and e-mail database

The project database is used to share information about major project developments and announce upcoming events.
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  • Involve the US 51 Citizen's Advisory Group in the information gathering and evaluation processes.
  • Engage the public to provide feedback and ideas to the Project Team.
  • Provide the public information about the project process and decisions.